Installing UBports on a Nexus 5

  • Thank you for your replies!

    One more thing, is it possible to run WhatsApp? Is it easy to do it?

  • @Angela_92
    Short answer : no whatsapp doesn't work on UT
    Long answer : it's tricky but with Anbox (which is highly experimental and unstable) you can achieve to get the chat part working. I won't recommend that unless you really need it and don't mind to tinker with your system.

  • @Angela_92 I managed to make Whatsapp work on a nexus 5 but it's so complicated that I gave up. I used Libertine Containers and installed firefox. From firefox, I logged onto and then I nearly got there. But The browser thinks it is a computer (which is normal as it is through libertine container) so whatsapp gives a QR Code to scan from your mobile phone. I manage this because I have two smartphones, one on Android, having whatsapp on it.

    I haven't found another way yet... As for Anbox, I couldn't install it, too complicated for me, beginner.

  • @Rebecca58 There’s a WhatsApp app client in OpenStore: It needs indeed a QR code from the WhatsApp host machine. Once activated it lasts many days ‘till you need to re scann the QR code from the original phone.

  • @stanwood
    Sure accessing a relay is an option, but you'll need an Android or iOS phone to act as personal server.

  • @AppLee That’s right (I called it “host machine” on my previous post).

  • @stanwood I read on the comments that web app doesn't work pretty well on the open store. Anyway I can make my own using webber, but I will still need my other phone in order to be able to flash the code. So to me it is pointless to have WhatsApp on the UT phone. I will give connection to my other phone and just use WhatsApp on it.

  • @Rebecca58
    Well webapps need maintenance because website change frequently.
    So old simple webapps left on the OpenStore are probably not working.
    I found simpler to manage my own, after-all it's really easy to do for basic websites.
    And I use maintained ones for more advanced use.

  • I read here that the Nexus 5 would lose voice support at the end of 2021. Is there a suitable replacement available? I like my Nexus 5 and would like to keep it if possible.

  • @air409 In the North American market yes. Verizon has already black listed it, so you can't put it on their networks period. AT&T will turn off 2g3g voice Jan 2022. It has not made clear if it will blacklist the device. If it does, you won't get service with them either. Not even data. More likely, they will continue to allow it as a data only device.

    T-mobile will turn off 2g3g voice Jan 2021. They, currently, do not use whitelists and plan to continue allowing non-VoLTE devices on as data only devices.

    As such, you will need to use Linphone, or if Anbox is fixed, any Voip app, talkatone, truphone, etc., to make phone calls. It really isn't any different than using Google voice, etc. In fact, call quality will be higher.


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