Bluetooth and OPO... again

  • Re: The newest bluetooth thread (MX4 and OPO)

    I've read through the above thread, but could not really wrap my head around whether my problem is fixable, and if so, how.
    Here's what the problem is: I have an Oneplus One running UT. I have just acquired a Jabra Drive handsfree carkit thingie that I'm hoping to use with said phone.

    • I can pair the devices.
    • They can connect.
    • The carkit can receive an incoming call (which is all that I want to use the Jabra for).
    • I can answer the call by pressing the button on the carkit. BUT: the caller gets an unfamiliar message on their screen (something that mentions 'voice' and doesn't look like anything he's used to seeing) and most importantly, neither of us can hear the other.

    Is there any hope? Any pointers you can offer would be appreciated.

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