OP3 Help Needed

  • Just on the off chance. Dropped my OP3 and smashed screen. Have replaced screen and digitizer frame, also on/off button as that was playing up and had new battery so put that in. All appears to work correctly until trying to wake the screen up using the on /off button.
    When pressed you can see the screen brighten slightly but that's as far as it goes. There is no complete wake up. Phone kicks into the OS when started from full switched off it's just from the sleep.Any ideas where to look now. Thanks

  • @Lakotaubp have you bought a branded OEM part or just a cheap third party replacement? I had an experience with this behaviour on Op3t. Strange, on Original Oneplus firmware it worked just fine, but on Lineage and UT behaved just like you described. Now and then the screen got light up, capacitive buttons as well, sometimes homescreen appeared sometimes not. Very annoying. Sold the phone and got a replacement. Try to flash Oneplus official firmware to test this behaviour.

  • @Stefano Yes cheap replacement part £25. So might try your trick and reflash to stock. Not giving in yet though 🙂

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