Help with UBSync and NextCloud

  • Hello,

    I set up my own NextCloud server and added an user account for my UT phone.
    Now I'm trying to connect UBSync to my NextCloud server. But whatever URL I try, UBSync says "Invalid host URL".
    Can someone tell me, which URL to use? What protocol does UBSync use?
    I'm quite new to this and after lots of googling and trial and error I still can't figure it out.

  • Make sure to put your full URL i.e. Also, it currenlty doesn't work with self-certified hosts.

  • Got it. Forgot to secure that domain, so the URL started with http instead of https which I always typed. Secured it and now it works.
    Sorry I bothered you!

  • Actually when self-certified, only http works based on my tests before. Anyway, good that it works now.
    Make sure to use an app password since I think Ubsync still isn't secured as it wants to.

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