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  • Hello!

    Thanks for your response, I will look in to it.

    Best Regards

  • Hello everyone again!

    Is it possible to patch the kernel to be able to run libertine on Gemini yet?

    I thought of a useful thing, if I would be able to use a part of the right hand side of the display as track pad (control a mouse cursor), this would make it easier to use desktop applications in libertine.

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  • @zzarr said in Gemini PDA:

    Hello everyone again!

    Is it possible to patch the kernel to be able to run libertine on Gemini yet?

    I doubt there is a kernel patch needed for libertine. If it runs UT it runs libertine I would say.

  • @doniks Hello!


    I which to use UT as main OS on my device, but a few things hold me back right now.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong on any of my statements. (I have yet to watch the latest Q&A.)

    1. 16.04 is not ready yet.
    2. anbox is not ready yet.
    3. it's not installable through the official installer. (will it be?)

    But I keep my hopes up that those issues will be resolved in the near future.

    How ever, as a former UT user I'm very exited! (Used a Meizu MX4.)

    Best Regards

  • @zzarr hi

    1. The xenial base is ready but some apps are not yet
    2. Anbox works in some devices but not in others. After OTA-4 is released, Marius says he's going to add a lot of improvements, even in qualcomm devices
    3. You can install 16.04 RC or devel using the ubports-installer now. In fact, you can do that since a long time ago

  • @advocatux Hello!

    Thanks for a quick response!

    Are you sure that the Gemini PDA is installable through the ubports-installer?
    It is not listed on the webpage.

    Do anbox work with bluetooth apps? (I have a smartwatch which I wish to have running.)

    I know @TheKit got UT running on the Gemini PDA. The big question there is, is it ready for daily use?

    I really hope that the Gemini PDA will be officially supported.

    Best Regards

  • @zzarr ah, I didn't mean on Gemini PDA. Because you said "I which to use UT as main OS on my device" I thought you were talking about another device, sorry!

    Anbox is under development, and in a very early stage, and there's a bug about bluetooth and watches ( so more than likely it doesn't work out of the box.

  • @advocatux Hello again!

    I see, maybe it'll be useful in the near future.

    I have a Idea when it comes to libertine (the UI), could a virtual trackpad be added? (Maybe it exists and I have not used libertine for a long time?)

    Best Regards

  • could a virtual trackpad be added?

    @zzarr generally speaking, I think anything is possible if someone with the necessary knowledge and skills wants to improve something in UT 🙂 but I don't know the technical requirements of that to give you an specific answer

  • Did anyone get the UBPorts on Gemini PDA 4G / Wifi?

  • I am also interested. Got my Cosmo (almost Gemini but with modem) and plain linux kind of awkward to use on it. Some Touch apps would be nice to have thus.

  • @kaim
    I asked about interest for incoming Astro Slide, wich is a very interesting device from my point of view, but got nothing very incouraging about it here...

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