Gain more real users and user experience by supporting multi boot like EFIdroid with Android

  • @elastic Will make an account on XDA forums tomorrow and kindly request Lukss12 to consider supporting UBports recovery in EFIDroid. He/she will probably wait until M11kkaa has completely rewritten the project. Shall we do this together? In the Netherlands we say 'two people know more than one'.

  • @jjurgen yes absolutely - and they can achieve even more
    ... I’m working tomorrow till 3 pm then I’ll be on the road for 430km in the Friday evening chaos between Cologne and Nuremberg so I won’t be able to respond before Saturday ...

  • @elastic Did some experimenting on my Nexus 4. Installed UPports and then flashed TWRP as a new recovery. All functions well so TWRP and UBports go wel together once UBports is installed. But to install UBports and to update it UBports recovery is absolutely necessary. So if in EFIDroid UBports won't boot as you tried various times my guess its because of the boot.img. The question is not only to get support for UBports recovery in EFIDroid but also to for its boot.img. Did not have time to make an account on XDA forum. Needed to clean my laptop (Samsung N510 running Xubuntu 16.04) too. Restored a Clonezilla image from a month ago and updated the system. Now I have the NVIDEA driver and configuration back and plenty of free disk space. Tomorrow will be a busy day so it will be no sooner than after dinner to make an account on XDa forum.
    You are driving a lot of kilometers for your work! I'm hoping for you that there are not to many traffic jams.
    cheers to you too.

  • Just registered at XDA forum and posted in Lukss12 thread. Now hope for the best.

  • @jjurgen brilliant, thanks - Sorry I didn't reply earlier, sometimes things take more time as expected and there is no time left for fun things like playing around with EFIdroid πŸ˜‰ tomorrow is my day off so there will be some time to play πŸ˜‰

  • @elastic No worries. We're doing this just for fun. Have a nice day tomorrow what ever your plans may be!

  • @jjurgen @elastic Hello friends and nice Sunday πŸ™‚ I watched the Community Update 21 and the team was asked about a possible support for a multiboot solution (minute 40 in the video). They answered that this is already possible with kernel patches but it is difficult to maintain. As they are focussing on Anbox for the "Android apps one cannot do without" they hope multiboot will not be anymore necessary...

    However, on the comments below the video, user Martin Kozub said the following:

    Just as mentioned in the video dualboot with Android is possible but it can even work with the regular Ubuntu Touch recovery. See this manual for MX4 (but it should be possible to adapt for any device)

  • @oli-sax Hello to you too πŸ™‚ I didn't watch the Community update. Thanks for sharing this. They are talking about Canonical's Dualboot and that multi booting would need kernel patching. Correct me if I'm wrong. This 'kernel patching' must be a pain in the #ss for devs. I don't want any kernel patching either. Devs really have more important things to do and have their focus on Anbox. That's OK. They are doing good work.
    But still I believe EFIDroid could become that desired Multiboot app. For me personally I prefer UBports (with Anbox would be fantastic) but its necessary for me to be familiar with Android. So there can be a difference in interpretation of what is necessary. That's OK too.
    That comment of Martin Kozub is interesting. I think this is somehow familiar with how Canonical's Dualboot works. The manual in Martin Kozub's link is written specific for Meizu MX4 and many files come from and that makes me restrained. Gonna study on this some more to get a good understanding of the process.

  • This is what I posted on Lukss12 thread and found this post too where Lukss12 says "It's necessary to analize the way Ubuntu mounts the partitions to create a proper ramdisk patching for ubuntu kernels....requests like booting non Android ROMs will be implemented!" Well that sounds like music in my ears.
    I've been trying to get this Android method translated to UBports to get a view how UBports mounts partitions but my knowledge is insufficient. Does anybody know (a better way) how or where to get this information?

  • And this is what I like to read too!!! Multiboot different recoveries in EFIDroid

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