Asus Z00A - Zenfone 2 ZE551ML Z00A

  • I am trying to port for Asus Z00A right now. I am quite stuck at this manifests xml stage right now. Can you please tell me if the below xml is good ?

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!--- Entries for Devices start -->
        <project path="device/asus/Z00A" name="android_device_asus_Z00A" remote="los" /> <!--- Adding this because I found on los -->
        <project path="device/asus/mofd-common" name="android_device_asus_mofd-common" remote="los" /> <!-- Adding this because I found it on lineageos.dependencies -->
    <!--- Entries for Devices End-->
    <!--- Entries for Kernel start -->
        <project path="kernel/asus/Z00A" name="android_kernel_asus_Z00A" remote="los" /> <! -- Really not sure about this one, is this correct? -->
    <!--- Entries for Kernel End -->
    <!--- Entries for Vendor blobs start -->
        <project path="vendor/asus" name="proprietary_vendor_asus" remote="them" /> <!-- I found the device listed on themuppets as per docs so using it -->
    <!--- Entries for vendor blobs end -->

    Is something amiss? Do i need to anything more extra? I have added entries for devices, kernel, and vendor as seen in docs and also for most phones xml listed under halium/devices/manifests currently. This is all I could come up because I created this xml using the current "Asus_T00F.xml" inside halium/devices/manifests". I copied this xml and renamed to Asus_Z00A.xml and then modified the entries based on the instructions from the docs. Not sure if I did that correctly.


  • Can't help you with that, but great that you are working on a port for the Zenfone2! Still a nice phone, but since LinageOS stopped supporting it...
    Anyways, I also see some issues with further downstream stuff, as right now it is all geared to arm and arm64, not x86 as the Zenfone2.

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