Call for testing: Google/Huawei Nexus 6P (angler) owners

  • Unfortunately it is not so easy to tell Linux "go switch cores Im gonna play a game". But what I was looking into that was to use the cpufreq governor which was made for this device: basically its a cpufreq governor that maps requested cpu frequency when the load goes higher to enabling not just all 4 big cores but single cores as needed. That would just allow spikes to be fully utilizing the bigger cores.

    Then we do not need to change much except in-kernel stuff šŸ˜‰

  • Good News! Nexus 6P is now finally installable with the UBports Installer!

    Well after we fix a small thing šŸ˜‰ - but its just a matter of a few days. With that you will be onboarding the OTA update channels and can finally keep up with latest changes without halium-install. Another goodie: It will install everything to the system partition, making more free space on data. Not that angler users need more space but who knows ^^

  • @Flohack
    Will there be any checkbox to choose whether to install 4 cores or 8 cores boot image ?
    or it will be manual ?

  • @HMZ47 Theoretically we can have 2 devices listed but that is a problem for the final solution since it needs to duplicate everything just because of a different kernel cmdline. I will discuss with the guys what we can do here.

  • Iā€™m thinking of grabbing my brothers nexus 6p should. This is awesome.

  • Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has been working on this port! I've been quietly watching the Nexus 6P Ubuntu Touch development for months now, and I can't wait to see this support land in the installer!

  • @Flohack
    Hi, I don't think it's a big deal but i want to mention it as a tester, when you enable keyboard sound, u can't control it, to be specific the keyboard sound stuck in the maximum volume no matter what the system volume level is.

  • @HMZ47 Ok that sounds like an operating system issue, can you confirm this with another device?

  • @Flohack
    unfortunately i can't, nexus 6p is the only phone i have that supports Ubuntu touch, hopefully other guys in this port with another device can confirm this.

  • @HMZ47 said in Call for testing: Google/Huawei Nexus 6P (angler) owners:

    Hi, I don't think it's a big deal but i want to mention it as a tester, when you enable keyboard sound, u can't control it, to be specific the keyboard sound stuck in the maximum volume no matter what the system volume level is.

    @Flohack @HMZ47 I can confirm this both in the N6P and in the pinephone.

  • A small but beautiful improvement made today: Date and Time is now persisted correctly across reboots, even without network connection. Before we were thrown to 1970 everytime šŸ˜‰ ...

    Note that I am not uploading a new system.img because I somehow cannot get Bluetooth to work reliably and I am looking into this now. Also I am waiting for the next installer release still, so unfortunately still no installable image.

  • Hey, i was wondering if you still need testers for this port. I have an old 6P laying around ive ive already flashed ubports to it. Its acyually the device im typing this on. Im really interested in seeing this project succeed. Im not a developer but im willing to help in any way i can!

  • @trashcat Sure we love more testers ^^ I would ask you specifically to test the installer, as I made some progress now, and that would mean you can already try to use the UBports Installer instead of the manual way.

    As a first step, please reset it to stock Android 7.1.2 from Google download page, as this contains vendor binaries that we need.

  • @trashcat Ah sorry now I read your post fully. Okay so if UT is already there, we can still test the installer. I will give you instructions when I am at home today šŸ™‚

  • I also haven't gotten around to installing it yet (busy times), but I did reset my Nexus 6P to the four-core 7.1.2 following your instructions. Even ended up having to use it as a daily driver for a while, so thanks for pointing me in that direction!

    I now have a new daily driver, and would be happy to test the installer on the 6P if that would be helpful. šŸ™‚

  • @potet Cool! You can also try the eight-core TWRP e.g.? Because current image that I am providing will be 8-cores...

  • So I would have to reinstall TWRP, for eight cores this time? I'll give it a go.

  • @Flohack no worries, I have no problem reflashing android to test the installer. The 6P isn't my daily driver so it's no problem at all.

  • Ok.. here it is:

    How To install Nexus 6P with the Installer

    NOTE: Installer is still in Beta, and the config is not officially approved. Therefore this method does only work for Linux!


    • Install stock Android ROM 7.1.2 (Only needed if you are on a different version now)
    • Download latest Android platform-tools to have access to fastboot and adb commands (the ones from Ubuntu etc. wont work, as they re too old)
    • Device will reboot, and take an awful time to encrypt all partitions
    • Start from here if 7.1.2 was installed already: Download TWRP recovery for Nexus 6P
    • Reboot to bootloader (Vol-Down and PWR until the green droid appears), connect USB cable and unlock the bootloader with fastboot flashing unlock
    • Flash TWRP recovery with fastboot flash recovery twrp...img
    • Select Recovery with the volume buttons and boot into TWRP
    • Confirm writable mode there
    • Format all partitions (Wipe is not enough) to destroy disk encryption
    • Now you can startup the installer and proceed with the bootstrapoption ticked
    • Make sure you select any of the arm64/hybris/stable channels.

    Note: There is unfortunately NO progressbar in the system-image updater (Yumi mascot with blinking eyes). Thats something that can be frustrating, and we hope to fix it one day.

  • @Flohack is it gonna work fro BLOD users ?

    because i tried it šŸ˜› and i end up with infinite bootloop, and the installer stuck at preparing system image .ā˜¹

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