Porting Halium to Nexus 7 deb

  • I'm trying to get Halium running on the Nexus 7 2013 gsm variant "deb".

    I've made a few steps already, but so far no user interface on the screen yet. I'm going to summarize where I am, so:

    • I don't forget what steps I took
    • Others can help to move this further

    Setup sources

    Kernel image


    source build/envsetup.sh 
    add_lunch_combo lineage_deb-userdebug
    lunch lineage_deb-userdebug
    mka mkbootimg
    mka hybris-boot

    test and debug

    fastboot -c "$(abootimg -i hybris-boot.img | sed -ne '/cmdline/s/. cmdline . //p' ) bootmode=debug" boot hybris-boot.img



    Android image

    cd halium
    mka systemimage
    ls -l out/target/product/deb/system.img


    get it

    install it

    git clone https://github.com/Halium/halium-scripts
    ./halium-scripts/halium-install halium-rootfs-20170630-151006.tar.gz halium/out/target/product/deb/system.img 
    • The N7 should reboot and get to the point where it announces usb networking:
    lsusb -vd 0fce: | grep -i serial
      iSerial                 3 GNU/Linux Device on usb0
    • reboot into twrp recovery to set the root password
    adb shell
    cd /data
    mkdir mnt
    mount rootfs.img mnt/
    chroot mnt /bin/bash 
    export PATH=/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:$PATH

    connect to it

    sudo ip address add dev enp0s20f0u7 
    sudo ip route add dev enp0s20f0u7
    • login via ssh
    ssh root@ 
    • fix path variable
    echo $PATH
    export PATH=/usr/sbin:/sbin:$PATH


    That's how far I got.

    what works

    • test_lights makes the led breathe
    • EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer shows rotating spiral! I need echo 200 > /sys/class/leds/lcd-backlight/brightness to turn up the display brightness, so I can actually see the spiral :)
    • wifi: http://docs.halium.org/en/latest/porting/wifi.html
    nmcli d # no wlan0
    echo 1 > /dev/wcnss_wlan 
    echo sta > /sys/module/wlan/parameters/fwpath 
    nmcli d # shows wlan0
    nmcli dev wifi # list wifis 
    nmcli dev wifi connect <SOMEOPENWIFI>
    ping -c 2
    ping -c 2 debian.org
    # install some missing packages
    apt update
    apt install openssh-client bash-completion nano
    • buttons: evtest /dev/input/event5
    • touchscreen: evtest /dev/input/event0

    what doesn't work

    • test_audio nothing to hear
    ACDB init open file failed
    [ACDB Init]->File is not found on the system
    [ACDB Init]->ACDB init success!
    • test_camera
    library "libcamera_compat_layer.so" not found
    Segmentation fault
    • test_egl segfaults
    • test_egl_config says: Starting test (EGL_PLATFORM=(null)) and then it sits there forever and cannot be killed
    • test_glesv2 segfault
    • test_gps, honestly I don't know whether that output below constitutes success of failure ... since I can't recognise any coordinates, I think it failed. I've waited 5 minutes or so. There are more *** tracking lines but no coordinates
    *** setup signal handler
    *** get gps interface
    *** device info
     id = gps
     name = loc_api GPS Module
     author = Qualcomm USA, Inc.
    *** init gps interface
    *** set capabilities
    capability is 00000007
     ** Creating thread: 'Loc_hal_worker' (start=0xb69f23b5, arg=0x1d02080)
     ** After thread_create: 'Loc_hal_worker', error=0 (start=0xb69f23b5, arg=0x1d02080)
     **** Thread wrapper start (start=0xb69f23b5, arg=0x1d02080) ****
    *** setting positioning mode
    *** start gps track
    *** gps tracking started
    *** tracking.... 
    • test_input
    library "libis_compat_layer.so" not found
    Segmentation fault
    scp bbb_sunflower_1080p_60fps_normal.mp4 root@
    ssh root@
    test_media bbb_sunflower_1080p_60fps_normal.mp4
    library "libmedia_compat_layer.so" not found
    Segmentation fault
    • test_nfc
    Starting test_nfc.
    Finding NFC hardware module.
    test_nfc: test_nfc.c:156: testNfc: Assertion `hwModule != NULL' failed.
    • test_recorder
    Test application for video recording using the camera
    Recording start with volume up button. And stops with volume down.
    The result is stored to /root/test_video.avi
    library "libcamera_compat_layer.so" not found
    Segmentation fault
    • test_sensors
    library "/system/lib/hw/sensors.oem.so" not found
    libsensor_add_waiting_client adding cb 0
    Hardware module ID: sensors
    Hardware module Name: Qualcomm Sensors Module
    Hardware module Author: Qualcomm Inc.
    Hardware module API version: 0x1
    Hardware HAL API version: 0x100
    Poll device version: 0x1000001
    API VERSION 0.1 (legacy): 0x1
    API VERSION 0.1: 0x65537
    API VERSION 1.0: 0x16777217
    API VERSION 1.1: 0x16842753
    API VERSION 1.2: 0x16908289
    API VERSION 1.3: 0x16973825
    API VERSION 1.4: 0x17039361
    libsensor_add_waiting_client adding cb 1
    Got 0 sensors
    • test_wifi 1 says :
    Cannot load driver (err -1)

    not supported

    • test_vibrator, segfaults, but anyway the N7 doesn't have a haptic motor to vibrate
    Segmentation fault

    What's next?

    Honestly, I'm not sure how to proceed now :) I guess trying to get further test_XYZ's to work and maybe figure out how I could try a ubports rootfs?!

    Any tips or feedback appreciated!

  • update: got hwcomposer working with some help from bshah, updating first post

  • Hey Doniks, nice to see you still working on Ubuntu Touch (It's ShadowEO from XDA). The Nexus 7 does actually have NFC, but you are correct, it does not have a haptic motor for vibration.

    Sad to see the Flo isn't supported, but you can bet I'll be trying your deb port on my flo the moment you have a working test release :D

  • @Tonoxis Well, hallo there! Pleasure to meet again :)

    I was actually thinking the other day to ping you on xda whether you would be interested to help :)

    As for "releasing", I hadn't actually intended to upload the kernel image itself anywhere ... you know it's not in any way in a consumer ready state. The screen is black you can talk to it with commandline stuff over a usb cable. It is exciting :) but only for a certain audience. People should be able to build it with the instructions above and then have all the sources and infrastructure such that they can also actually improve upon the current state. Or do you think it would make sense to upload the images?

    As for supporting flo - Well, it might "just work", right?! Similar with how we did it back in the day the other way around where your TonoKrnl "just worked" on my deb.

    PS: updated first post for NFC & vibration. thx!

  • Unfortunately, I haven't had time for much of anything lately, if that were different I'd be happy to help with the project. For release, I'd recommend images and source tree, so anyone who wishes to contribute/debug can download your image as it currently is without needing to completely rebuild from source.

    And I hadn't thought of that, you're right, it's possible the Deb version may just work on the Flo. I think the only hardware difference is the cellular modem afaik.

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