Gemini PDA

  • Hello!

    I will hopefully get my Gemini PDA in December.
    If you don't know about it, please read this:

    As I have understood it the hole platform is open source.

    So it should be easy to port Ubuntu Touch to it.
    (I once tried to port Ubuntu Touch to Motorola Droid 4, so I have a good idea how to do it.)

    Are the phablet tools still available?

    Best Regards
    / Rasmus

  • I didn't know about Gemini PDA looks pretty good, you can advance some work if you know the hardware that includes.

    I don't know if all the platform is going to be open source, because they don't specified the CPU/GPU, baseband modem, camera, etc.

  • Strange, I'm sure I read that the drivers and software would be open source and that it would be based on Linux kernel 4.9.

    In any way I think it will be possible to install a desktop version of Ubuntu and they have just tested Debian on the device.

    So it should be possible to install Ubuntu Touch on it.

    The CPU /GPU is specified Mediatek Helio X27 processor and the Mali GPU.

  • @zzarr I can't see any reference for the Mediatek libre firmware, maybe they want to release their job as opensource but the firmware is another thing, still looking good the project.

    Probably it's usable with proper binary blobs.

  • @uzanto I think you are correct.

  • Is there any advantage, to use Ubuntu Touch on it, instead of running a regular Ubuntu desktop system?
    As far as I see, it should be able to run it with GNU Linux and therefore with any GNU Linux distribution like Ubuntu.

  • @WLBI Indeed you are correct, but I had a Meizu MX4 and really liked how the ui worked on it and think that the ui would suite the device very well.

    Other whys Gnome 3 could be nice too of course.

    As long as anbox can run the Android apps I want to run.

    Best case scenario anbox would run the apps on the Android system (so that I would have to boot into Android only if an app is not compatible with anbox).

  • Did you get your Gemini PDA? I am considering that device, so if you have usable insigthts I would like to know as much as possible :)

  • @zzarr said in Gemini PDA:

    Strange, I'm sure I read that the drivers and software would be open source and that it would be based on Linux kernel 4.9.

    Do you think you could dig up that reference? Would be interesting to see.

  • Hello!

    I have not gotten my unit yet, but it's close now, the mass production have begun, the first 3000 devices have been produced and they are doing final quality tests now before shipping.

    I can't find any information about software except that they have booted Debian on the device.

    Further more, I have ordered a Sentio Superbook, I think it will be a nice companion to the PDA.

    If I find any info I'll write it here.

    PST: Tomorrow the price will increase with $200.

    Best Regards

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