Bounties and Bountysource ?

  • @below-freezing

    After just having two days of Touch on my Nexus 5 phone I think I can say it is no where near ready for prime time. Only die hard Linux users like my self are going to be using this long term. And I have not even put my SIM card in it to try the phone for its primary feature.

    However, under the hood it seems to be a capable Linux system ready to do the work of a desk top or laptop. For my purposes mostly what is need is ability to connect an external keyboard and mouse by Bluetooth.

    So my short list is:
    Phone calls have to work.

  • @apple.muncy have you tried it on another device?

    I have been on it on my nexus 4 for a year, and now with ota-13, it's a great thing, ready for day to day use no worries at all.

    I came to the nexus 5 because I got one cheap with broken glass and repaired it because my nexus 4 has digitizer problems. The experience on the 5 is just broken in comparison to the Nexus 4, this will undoubtedly improve (hopefully!!). It's annoying as it's so much smoother running on the 5, looks way better too and has widi/miracast support I think?

    So I think I will be getting a new screen for my nexus 4 and updating the 5 regularly until the ubports version gets to be where the nexus 4 is now.

    I will support the effort financially in a small way if the bounties etc are goal oriented to that end.

  • @tom
    I do also have a Nexus 4 with digitizer problems : )
    So far I've just put Touch on my Nexus 5.
    With your encouragement I'll plan on loading it on both the Nexus 4 and my Nexus 7 2013 (wifi) . That should help in determining what is is broken only in ubports.

  • Like @tom, my Nexus 4 has been my daily driver for about a year, and it's worked well. The problem is that I have a Nexus 5 that I dearly love, unused. It's a beautiful piece of hardware.

    In key ways, Ubuntu Touch is a better OS than Android. Specifically, I believe usability and privacy are far better. For these reasons, I choose to use my N4 and neglect my preferred N5. The Notifications menus and Scopes are tremendous features!

    The UB Ports project has 2 "priority" devices - the One Plus One and the Nexus 5. In my opinion, these 2 devices need to be made right. Forget all the others, because without a GOOD working flagship device, this project is completely derailed and only causes frustration for those that WANT it to succeed.

    I've never tried Touch on the 1+1, but the N5 has these specific problems that are stopping it from being a daily driver.

    • Battery life is very poor - less than 6 hours typically on a full charge.
    • Bluetooth does not work - so many BT devices, and zero usability here.
    • Apps need to open, function, and close properly. When you flash the N5, you never know which ones will work. Right now, running rc-proposed after flashing yesterday, the browser closes immediately after opening and Dekko hangs on the splash screen.

    It FEELS like everyone is running around with their respective devices, saying what's wrong, but nothing is getting fixed. I realize this may not be the case, but that's the way it seems. As a small monthly contributor to the project, I would like to see it re-focused on the 2 priority devices established by the developers. Once those are working, then take what is learned and apply it to the porting process.

    Unfortunately, I'm a Web developer, not a mobile OS developer, so I have to let my monetary contribution be my voice.

  • OK : )
    I've had my fun for today pushing touch in my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 2013 wifi only. Both have funky digitizers so only with the help of OTG usb cable and bluetooth was it possible.

    Yes, I see they are much better behaved than ubports on my Nexus 5.
    Time now for exploring : )

  • @tom
    You are so right about ubports on Nexus 4 being much better. It's much better on Nexus 7 WiFi also.

  • Now that the Bq Aquarius Plus is available on their website. How do we get it on the devices page to be ported ?

  • @apple.muncy yeah on the nexus 4 it's got very good since ota-11+ that's a reference device for Canonical though so more resources than ubports!

  • So In the Main News for this Topic : a bounty has been put out there - on (which is re-usable once you accrue the credit).

    ...... guess this was done to see whether this is a workable way to fund the website/projekt.

    Wonder if anyone can hack it (the bounty, I mean) ?

  • thirty days have passed so this has been updated.

  • Administrators

    My guess is that it'd be easier to rebuild the whole website.

  • I changed the status of my attempt to stopped.
    I don't have any interest in in-depth learning about node.js or javascript so best for me to quietly bow out of this bounty.
    Someone with the skill set already might find is a trivial bounty to fix.

  • Administrators

    @apple-muncy Makes sense. Also, i hear, we might be relaunching some parts of the website soon 🙂

  • Can you use a different type of currency in GitHub for bounties and projects?

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