Telescope development thread

  • Hello,
    i'm the developer of the AsteroidOS smartwatch client Telescope that I published on the Open Store.


    In this thread I'd like to collect your feedback on the client.
    Does it run well on your device? Are there any issues?
    I am also looking forward to your suggestions which functions are wanted next.

    Hope you enjoy it 😉

    An overview which clock works with which device can be found in the telescope README on github.

  • First I just wanted to say thank for the interest in putting together UT and Asteroid.
    That is great news.

    I followed Asteroid development few years ago, but my LG G Watch R stopped working on Wear...
    Meanwhile I started using UT and I'm now really happy with it.

    So I think now I can maybe search for a watch to install asteroid on and try it out.
    If someone has advices on a cheap used watch, you can PM me.

    Thank you again to revive my interest in smartwatches

  • Thank you @AppLee , hopefully you can enjoy telescope.

    I have a LG G Watch Urban(bass) and it works well with my N5. With my MX4 it disconnects after every notification, but telescope reconnect after 10sec automatically .

  • I add a small overview which clock works with which device. If someone has another watch or device, I would be happy to expand the table with your info.

  • The next version 0.0.4 has landed in the open-store

    We have a bug fix in the list view of the available AsteroidOS watches.
    By pressing "find my watch" will send a notification to the watch.
    It is possible create a screenshot of the watch display and download them from the watch.

  • Thank you @stefwe for Telescope version 0.0.5. I use my Sony Xperia X (F5122) together with my Huawei Watch (sturgeon).

    All defined apps under notification in the system settings are working. But how can I get a notification for a incoming call?

    Also I've recognized, that the weather app on the watch will not synchronize with the weather app on the handy. Is there a solution?

  • I'm glad you like telescope.
    Do you have a stable Bluetooth connection between the Xperia X and the watch?

    I'm working on the next version of Telescope right now. It should display a notification when a call comes in.
    The next version should also be able to synchronize weather data with the watch.

    Hopefully within the next 2 weeks there will be a telescope update.

  • Hi @stefwe,
    thank you for the information.

    The bluetooth connection between my Sony Xperia X and the Huawei watch is stable. If my phone is out of the bluetooth range the watch disconnects and automatically reconnects if the bluetooth distance is in the allowed range.

    Have a nice evening and thanks for your work!

  • Hi @stefwe,
    I've updated my LG Watch (dory) with the latest nightly build and the connection to my Sony Xperia X is stable.
    If my phone is out of the bluetooth range the watch disconnects and automatically reconnects if the bluetooth distance is in the allowed range.

  • @druk13 Many thanks for testing and reporting.

    I have decided to release the next version of telescope 0.0.6 with bug fixes only.
    So we have a working arm64 version in the open-store and the screenshot function can now save the image if the transfer was successful.

    The work on the weather service still needs some time until the code quality is at least ok 🙂
    But after the holiday, I'll get back to it.

    Thanks for your patience.

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