Portuguese *Ubuntu* get togheter

  • Hi all!

    The Portuguese Ubuntu Community does some monthly social Get Togethers.

    This includes all flavours and remixes of Ubuntu, including Ubuntu Touch. These meetings where from fairly early the place where Ubuntu Touch was promoted, due to the big interest of many of our community members, reinforced by the fact that we had a Canonical Ubuntu Phone Insider on our community (Tiago Carrondo), that was even present on the Canonical product launch in London. The Portuguese Ubuntu community was also promoting Ubuntu Phone on other community events.

    As soon as the first BQ phone was out the Local Community created our first Ubuntu Phone telegram group for the Portuguese community, that today is the UBports Portuguese Language group.

    So has you can see these Get Togheters are very Ubuntu Touch friendly, we ususaly have several Ubuntu touch users present), and is more often than not, a subject of conversation.

    If you're in the Lisbon/Sintra area please drop by and have chat and some beer and pub food with us. You'll be most welcome!

    For more details and to share our little event please checkout any of these websites:

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