So what ? :-) or :-(

  • For my part, I really feel like I was scammed ...
    When I discovered this site and its content, everything looked great, everything worked except the bluetooth I do not need.
    So I bought a Nexus 5 and surprise, nothing works ...
    But, I see that the development continues without anyone taking the time to flash his phone (like me for that matter).
    So the question I ask myself and you: what should we think of this portage?
    Should we always believe it and take the time to flash once again our phone and, if necessary, go back once again to android or all this is just a delirious geek that will never end?
    Sorry to be so hard in my remarks but I do not appreciate being sold something so-called functional when it is not, but then not at all.
    I look forward to your feeling about the subject friends!

  • Hopefully you were able to buy a N5 at a good price : )

    I'd recommend you flash to devel_rc-proposed
    and set updates to manually only.

  • So, as the forum bot advise me to create a new post instead adding a new comment, I will !
    Why ?
    Because I don't understand your kindness about all of this.
    Please, have a look about the site and what its saids ! Everything works fine !
    ??? WTF ???
    Ok, We are "specials persons", we who want be admin of our device but, it's not a reason to be raise as a fool.
    For months (the beginning) the site saids "everything alright" but not and...still not !!!!
    I don't care about the fact to have bought a N5 for....nothing. I was needing a new one.
    My problem is about the F~#.@ promise, months ago, still not held...
    If I'm so aggressive, it's just for newer incomer : don't involve into now : it's not working !
    For my own, I'm just totally disappointed...
    (I really hate to be scam)

  • @izd Hello,

    maybe it is not well communicated but currently the devel_rc-proposed channel is the "stable" channel for N5. Did you try to flash that one, it should work pretty well.

    We are about to shift devel to stable soon, as I already remarked internally that people will be irritated by the current stable channel´s broken state.

    Please try to do that and tell us if it worked.


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