When is the next scheduled update to the Nexus5 (stable) image?

  • I flashed my device, and it boots into ubuntu now. I haven't tried making calls, or sending texts, as I don't have a cellphone plan right now, but I'm planning to get one on Friday (payday). I will be using this phone as my daily driver (at least that's the plan) but there are things that don't work on it. Such as the browser, it opens and quickly closes, I installed Plex, and it does the same thing. The dialer doesn't seem to crash, so I think I'm okay. For now all I really need is to be able to make and receive calls/texts. MMS and web browsing I hope can come at a later date, I'll wait for the next update to see if it starts functioning, but I'm not sure about how often you guys do updates.

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