Nexus 5 /stable browser

  • Hello everybody! Did anyone manage to run the browser on / stable? I have everything except him. Sorry for my english but i dont know it and translate via google

  • The browser on stable in a Nexus5 (hammerhead). Is still not working, but I think I saw a commit on it in github, and if I'm right that should be fixed on the next update. I'm just not sure when that is scheduled to be.

  • Hi @my_aleks_95 :

    Stable 10 works great (even the browser if you want to try) but the battery life is horrible. You said the browser is the only thing that doesn't work, so I have some questions for you:

    • Which stable channel are you using?
    • Can you use data (3G/4G)?
    • How much does the battery last?

  • I use devel_rc-proposed battery life more than linageOS. I do not work 3g / 4g internet and also the battery displays only 50% when fully charged. And after the reboot the date is reset. And sometimes does not want to connect to wifi but this problem is eliminated.

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