Best version so far?

  • Hi guys:

    The question is that simple. I would like you to share which channel is the best right now for you. I have tried devel_rc-proposed (with the last posible version two weeks ago) and everything worked but data connection and battery display. I also tried stable 10 and everything worked but video recording and the battery literally died in 3 hours. Both of them make UTouch impossible for me to use it as daily phone.

    So I think we could use this thread for sharing experiences related to channels and help each othher. I really look forward to using it as my only phone but I cannot do it right now. What do you think? Which is the best channel you have tried for daily normal use?

    Thank you all for your time.

  • Hi, I'm using devel_rc-proposed and I am eliminating it, with some exceptions.

  • @alvarogr91 I am using the latest stable image(r13). The battery on a Nexus5 lasted me 7hours (on standby). I don't have a SIM card in it yet, so I'm only using WiFi and the browser has never opened. All though I could browser internet stuff such as the Amazon app and search for stuff, but anything that relies on the browser will be pretty much DOA.

  • Wow... 7 hours in standby •___• It's clear there is a problem with the battery. How can we use a phone with such a short life? I was thinking mostly of battery when I wrote this post because it is the point which I find more critical. At least it lasts more than my stable 10... When will we have a phone with 24h of battery? T_T

    Thanks for your answer @SawFish

  • @alvarogr91 From what I understand this model has had battery issues even with stock android on it. I had the BQ aquaris (Ubuntu edition) and that phone's battery did last around 24 hours even with light use. However it's pretty much impossible to get one of those these days. I was looking for a phone that was simple enough to hack, so I could install Ubuntu on it, and it looked like the Nexus5 was a Favorite of developers, so I opted to get that model even though the specs are not really all that great. I go it, and found out I can't even install an sd card in it.

    I hope they make more of the Meizu Pro5(Ubuntu edition) phones. That's a phone with some serious specs, but when I tried to buy it, it seemed like Chinese people don't like to take American money. The phone was/is sold out.

    I got a little side tracked, the point being that I don't think we'll see a phone with a Custom ROM in it that has at least 24 hours of battery life, until we can put it on better phones, but most of the ones with specs like that are seriously locked down, and not that easy to hack.

  • Yeah maybe it sounded exaggerated when I said "24h" before, but I actually meant "I can use it average (no games, no overuse) from 8am to 10pm more or less", which I can't do right now. I also bought Nexus 5 because of its easy-to-hack features, so I can't complain. I have other phone to use it daily and I can wait for an improved version. I don't think I'll buy a Pro5. I also tried and it was impossible to find it. And I prefer spend not that much.

    Thank you very much for your post. Really useful!

  • @alvarogr91 On my phone you can see the glow of the backlight on all the time, even when the screen is black. This is what is sucking down the battery.

  • @electrogas Really? 😮 And which version is yours? I haven't seen that in mine... But I did notice it was a little bit warm in the back side with devel_rc-proposed. Now the temperature problem is gone with stable 10 but battery is gone too 😃

  • Hi,

    I've installed few days ago the devel_rc build on my Nexus 5. With my little experience, here it is:

    • Wifi still has some issues, after reboot sometimes the network is 'forgotten'...
    • GPS seems broken, so can't use it for uNav or GMap...
    • Phone wakeup with power button is quite buggy, but works
    • Battery display doesn't work properly, but the battery seems fine, nevertheless
    • Datetime is weird: I've got the good one, but on 'last update' time, it is still on 1970s!
    • Browser is ok, and great, as a lot of other Ubuntu apps 😉
    • I was able to find a lot of apps to get the same services as I had on my Android phone (Rss, Twitter, Telegram, ....)

    Also, but this is not really an issue: I couldn't find a way to backup and restore my SMS from previous Android phone. My eBook reader, Beru, doesn't access to the whole SD card, due to 'AppArmor restrictions'... Not so important maybe, but I found it a little annoying. This also can be fixed following these tips :
    For the rest, everything works fine, even if I am not sure, for now, that the ported Ubuntu phone can be used as main and only one... But wait and see, developments are going forward quite fast! 🙂

  • Thank you very much for your useful comment. I really appreciate it. I agree with all of it. I mean, I understand it's a hard way to put Ubuntu on a phone and making it work perfectly. Nevertheless I find they have achieved great goals and, as said before, I am patient. It is awesome anyway.

  • @soykje

    Thanks for this post. I'd like to report the same regarding the Date and TIme and Wifi. I've been updating every night for a week on the devel_rc. It's typically stable. I checked the rc_proposed channel for a more stable release--but the browser still doesn't work. Funny enough, the battery % worked accurately.

    • Battery level caps at 50%. It works well, and I get a good day out of the battery. Could be better--but is only slightly below Android par for the same phone.
    • Wifi cannot connect to network though details are saved (password) after: logging into another wifi and rebooting phone.
    • Wifi does reconnect after using Flight Mode--but only if remaining in the broadcast area.
    • Cannot disable mobile data.
    • Date/Time is sometimes wonky--kicking back to 1970, and not finding current time.

    Regarding some apps--for the LoquiIM Crew (WhatsApp compatibility) and Nexus 5--I've been waiting for the app to drop the Decrypt Error. Have dropped a note on launchpad--am just putting out feelers here in case it hase something to do with the port/stability/frequent updates.


  • If I'm right, the latest udate from this evening remembers wifi upon reboot. I'm checking right now... yep... worked! Whew. Thats a lot less work... It even worked when the USB was plugged in. Great work.

  • @Lukas_Wolfskin

    Hi, and thx for your feedback. Indeed, with the r292 wifi issue seems fixed on devel_rc, as the problem with phone sleep/wakeup on power button press. I don't have the mobile data problem, but so far... I think even if there are still some bugs, the development continues quite fast!

    So a great thank you to all the team! 🙂

  • By the way, I was thinking... Could it be interesting to improve hammerhead device page, on the website, to describe progresses for all the channels, including stable and devel_rc? Or maybe just adding some topic gathering release comments... ? Just in case it could help, both users and developers 🙂

  • @SawFish
    I have almost the same problem.
    Not working
    Web browser
    WiFi ( some time yes,some time no)
    eBay and beyond
    I can access to the store a download apps, but when I click on it, just blink but never open. Even games and if I try to update. Just a bunch of errors.

    Call,txt,sms,pics (gallery),camera

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