OnePlus One updates coming?........

  • Hey guys, Just wondering if you're still planning on finishing the Oneplus One port. The gps still doesn't work and apparently its riddled with bugs still without any updates to its git repo in about a year, there's even a 2 month old post about it that has gone unanswered for quite some time. I get that you're busy and have other matters to attend too I just want to know if I should give up hope about ever having a polished finished version of the port to try or use as a daily driver.

    It was so disheartening how so soon after the OnePlus One's release OnePlus and Cyanogen decided to mess around with the consumers who supported them and ended up pulling the Official long term CyanogenMod support. Especially when you look at the selling points which were the mobile specs, that fancy official CM support and the future option of "apparently" being easy to port and experiment with projects just like this one. So when you announced you were porting the OnePlus One it was like a perfect storm of hype, hopefulness, and delusional expectation.

    I can hardly blame you for having other priorities especially with the future 'snaps' work that may be ahead of you. I just would like to know if its a reasonable expectation that we'll have a polished up-to-date version of ubuntu touch to use before its time for us to start looking at upgrading our mobile machines.

    Anyways thank you for the hard work you've put into ubports in general, its important that there is room in the mobile OS market for Open-source development especially in light of 'The internet of things' coming out of the commercial pipeline. I hope you have good luck with you're future work.

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