Ubuntu Touch on Sony Xperia X

  • Now that the port has reached a certain state I'd like to present the status of this project to a wider audience,

    Current status:

    • Full AppArmor support
    • Adequate Mir performance
    • Full ofono/rild support
    • Passing most hybris tests

    Known issues:

    • Unable to enumerate rotation status and updates
    • Audio doesn't work
    • Camera doesn't work
    • Click package support incomplete

    The full build instructions are available on the Halium project management issue page.

    Halium port project management, HAL port specific issues:

  • Wow that's a great achievement, when can i expect a daily use image.

  • You can try to build the image and see for yourself. :)
    Currently I'm trying to get the audio working, I'd probably need
    some help figuring out which component of Unity8 is responsible for
    setting a global rotation lock and acting according to user preferences.
    AFAICT getting the camera to work now requires at least a rebuild of ubuntu-touch
    specific qt platform changes.

  • Sorry sir i would love to, but i got no knowledge of programming or coding.

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