BQm10 fhd (Wifi forgetting password)

  • Re: NVRAM ERROR X 10 or. Device not remembering WiFi password

    I have been using the fix you can flash with TWRP, by Skyneel,

    on there, look for the

    I found the fix staying through updates, but not if you,perform a,wipe.

    Updated to dev 173, Wifi still working.

    I find that after I flash the fix,
    I download the next ubports update onto the device (settings/update) then,
    I flash over twrp with UT, recovery, when I run the update it stalls at the (text) recovery screen.

    So I connect to my PC,to update via terminal ,with no wipe ( From fastboot),the device then takes over part way and installs the update previously downloaded on the device,.
    I guess the PC does the job of getting recovery recognized or installed correctly.
    I just put this here in case any one else is switching recoveries.

    Just a little update, still working thru OTA updates. 10/17/2018

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