Set partition sizes when flashing

  • Dear community,

    the problem of the root partition (and other ones) being too small to install any software via apt is quite known. One can bind mount and use symlinks to counteract, but it would be much easier and presumably more stable to just install an image with adequate partition sizes.

    Do you know of a solution like setting the partition sizes when flashing a new image?

    Of course, this will probably break OTA updates, but that's okay. I'll just repeat the steps for each release.

    Kind regards and have a nice day ☺

  • I don't know the answers to your exact questions, but a related thought:

    On some devices the root filesystem is not written to the "system" partition, but to a "system.img" file on the "data" partition. My Nexus 7 is like this. That way it is quite easy to increase the space with resize2fs in recovery.

    I don't see a reason why an image file couldn't be used on other devices and I don't know how it is determined whether to use an image file or a partition, but I think this could be a route towards more space.

  • Community

    The image file can be resized, and I'm considering ways to make ubports-qa do this in case the user would prefer to use apt and turn off system-image upgrades. Of course we wouldn't be able to help people if they broke things in this state, but we can give them just enough rope to shoot themselves in the foot...

  • @unisuperbox are all devices equally footshootable? what I mean is, do we always install into an image or on some devices it goes into a partition?

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