Set partition sizes when flashing

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    Even though resizing still isn't supported it is relatively easy to do with the image.

    I never stated it couldn't be done. But it is not supported. and switching channels, or some in-channel updates, can/will overwrite it. I've only stated that it is not supported, and extremely problematic, but if you want to do it, the tools are there. We simply cannot support it as a normal feature of the system.

    Also, ideally, we'd be able to ship the rootfs in the system partition, rather than in data, and have it truly be read-only without the option to mount it r/w at runtime, so that we could do boot verification and sign images to allow bootloader to be locked, and enable proper encryption of data partition. But unfortunately we aren't there yet. This would also be ideal on a PC, but alas we are still being held back there too.

  • @dobey not disagreeing with you, nor did I claim that you said it wasn't possible. my point is simply that I wonder what determines whether an installation goes into a partition or into an image

  • @doniks I think it was easier back then when the first concept was made to simply push a file as rootfs to the existing data partition folder, since that will almost always exist on the target devices. it greatly simplifies preconditions for installation.
    With ongoing experience however things could be done differently of course. Still remember that every Android device might define partition sizes as they like, and we already had troubles with too big system images for a few devices.
    With a growing number of supported and community devices those constraints will multiply, or we make custom installation process for each devices, but that doesnt spark joy.

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    @dobey @doniks @Flohack Multirom app no longer works for Ubuntu touch at all on Oneplus, only for sailfish other android inside the app the options no longer load in on any combo or rom/kernels. It is not false memory on oneplus they used to makes rootfs different location which was bigger. Can anyone just help me "shoot myself in the foot"? I really don't care about system updates at all honestly would rather disable them after doing once. I dont mind breaking my system no and again. Apt-get upgrade was allowed out the box never had to remount. Other devices do not have the limited space issue this one used to not have this issue when it was installed with multirom and everything always seemed fine. Is resizing the system.img file all thats necessary for my problem go away any tips on how to do this. This pretty much means the difference of making the os worth it for me, havent been wanting to use it much as is even though I used to use it all the time. Like several others said I feel this needs to be fixed in the installer for oneplus. I shouldn't be limited to 6gb on my 64gb device Thanks

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    Apt-get upgrade was allowed out the box never had to remount.

    This is simply just not true. Please stop saying this.

    @errorcodevortex said in Set partition sizes when flashing:

    I shouldn't be limited to 6gb on my 64gb device

    You aren't. You are simply expecting something that has never been true, to be true.

    @errorcodevortex said in Set partition sizes when flashing:

    Can anyone just help me "shoot myself in the foot"?

    Instructions for doing so have been clearly presented before in the thread. However, you keep demanding that this be some officially supported thing, rather than shooting yourself in the foot. It's not going to be. Go shoot yourself in your foot and be done with it.

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    @dobey @doniks @Flohack @simbion I didn't have to do all this then I had full gimp , wifi tools, bunch of full linux programs running smoothly without libertine! And from what i gather it is still installed properly like this on Nexus5 and possibly other devices. A single apt-get upgrade would not immediately fill up my space because it was properly partioned from the install. This is pretty f*cked up. Through multirom oneplus it was chilling im telling you. So all I can get is 6gb for my apt-get I don't understand, that is obviously still not enough for continuous use of apt-get, apt-get is what linux is all about. I've decided to not go permenant r/w unless necessary. I'd just like to set it up dope once like most would I'm sure many here figured out before me. It seems like I am not the only one who seems unsatisfied with the answers available online right now.
    Is the answer I'm looking for actually this from another thread
    sudo rm -r /var/cache/apt
    sudo tune2fs -m 0 /dev/loop0
    -don't do apt-get full-upgrade after this it will kill anbox adb tell you device is offline
    or your response from another thread here?
    mkdir -p ~/aptcache
    sudo mount --bind /home/phablet/aptcache /var/cache/apt

    some version of this command? resize2fs -f /userdata/ubuntu.img

    tried but mount /data command put out device/resource busy even after using all umount options. I'm not a full linux guru yet but somewhat decent just was hoping someone would have the heart to give me the proper symlink/command for what I'm and it seems everyone is trying to do trying, maybe a private chat message if thats the level of suppression we're working with. I don't want to bug about any issues after the fact, reinstallation process and installer is pretty kush and easy process run really fast to reinstall. 6 gb of space by deleting files and cache within the folder is not shooting myself in the foot. I filled it full again last time I installed then what?

    Can you or anyone just be like a real g keep it 100 for me not hold out on the command, you seem like a really smart dude I feel like you totally know how to do it perfectly, or anyone else I'd really appreciate it. It's. There is no clear(for me) answers to what I am asking specifically, I would really like to use all or a much larger portion of free available space not just 2 or 6gb and crash my system if I'd like to learning about the limits of the system. I understand the risk entirely please help me out not all heros wear capes

  • Please stop pinging a ghroup of people in every post...
    Then unfortunately as far as it concerns me, I can´t help you, I never tried to do such stuff.
    Also, the Canonical images were always made in the way the UBports images are made today. We changed 0, so they always had a limit on the partition size, were r/o etc.
    Multirom just boots different kernels I dont see how this could affect partition sizes at all.
    But as I said, I have no clue what could be the deal here.

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    dang I feel like I'm one of ones who got too see what was up with it on multirom on oneplus it was super finnicky to install but dope asf once you got it running, I think they used a custom image not the exact same from canonical. Which I could find it as a flashable zip

  • @errorcodevortex No, I can't help you if you can't even bother to read the comments in the very thread you're replying to. Also, you continue to be rude, and declaring that somehow things worked in some magical way, in which they very certainly never did work.

    Perhaps you're confusing Ubuntu Touch with Plasma Mobile or something, but Ubuntu on phones has never worked in the way you described, and especially not so on the OnePlus 1 which was never supported by Canonical either.

    From what I can tell, Ubuntu Touch is not what you want, never was, and you weren't running it before. Perhaps you should look into something more like postmarketOS, which is much more like a traditional PC Linux distro.

  • I think this thread has run it's course. The answers are all in here somewhere the basic being. try at your own risk using the info available. So I am locking this thread. Thank you.