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    Unity 8 BUG Feedback

    This is my repeatedly tried several computers to install the Unity 8 results (sorry english not my language.)

    • bug1 : sliders for toggling indicator-network Doesn,t work ; indicator-time&date(日期與時間)Not translated completely

    • bug2 : The icon does not show complete

    • bug3 : GTK software`s window Showed complete deviation

    • bug4 : Multiple software flashback exit ex: firefox libreoffice

    • bug5 : Unable to get software from Gnome Softerware Center ; Because need permissions and a network account to install

    • bug6 : zhuyin fuhao Input can`t working

    • bug7 : Logout&RestBoot&Showdown used No response Direct crash

    • bug8 : I try close to the window but is not`working

    Unity 8 Opinion

    • 1 unity 8 for desktop Add opinion response software

    • 2 Merge GTK & Ubuntu community theme "Yaru" & Suru icon in Unity 8

    • 3 Add an instant message at indicator ; Receiving system & software & mail & network messages

    • 4 Add zhuyin fuhao At Screen keyboard

    • 5 In indicator-time&date add "Add calendar options"

  • Have you opened issues for these bug reports?

    There are numerous problems with Unity 8 on 18.04, and most of them are unlikely to get fixed soon.

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