Recovery Software in Ubuntu Touch

  • Hello all,

    I have an Aquaris BQ M10 FHD and recently installed Ubuntu touch OTA-5 on it to start learning about Ubuntu Touch and see if I can use my device in a more libre way. I am still very new with regards to Ubuntu touch and I am still exploring the system to see how it is built, what works and how.

    One of the things that got me curious is the recovery software. It looks like a minimal recovery similar to the ones a lot of android devices use. Apologies if it not. I was wondering if developers of Ubuntu touch have considered Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP). By looking at the TWRP website I found out that most Ubports devices are supported by TWRP:

    I 'd like to ask if this has been considered?

    I also don't know how ubports-installer works in more detail. Will I break it if I replace the default recovery with TWRP for my devicce?TWRP has a lot more capabilities and I am acquainted with it because I use it for my phones, running Lineage OS, so I 'd be happy if I can use it with Ubuntu Touch without the risk of breaking it. Any clues?

  • @iolaum
    twrp and the ota's don't mix.
    it might help you one day, if you have a backup made with twrp,kept in a safe place for a rainy day.or you may help someone else that way.

  • @iolaum Mx4 and Pro 5 unofficial TWRP working great.
    I regulary make TWRP backup of my Pro 5 when trying a new channel or Anbox, etc... And restoring the whole phone back as well. Works like a charm. If I want to have an OTA update working, I just flash Ubports recovery and it's all good to go again.
    So yes, from my view it might be beneficial, but I might miss some technical info that Ubports developers have( most likely)

  • @marathon2422 Good to know. I 'll just keep the Ubports recovery then and keep learning about Ubuntu Touch.

    By the way, have the Ubuntu Touch developers considered using TWRP? It's an open source project and you could potentially save on duplication of efforts, wider Q/A (because of TWRP's expanded user base) and a more featurefull recovery to help users and developers when surprises happen.

  • The recovery image is based on an older version of TWRP. However, as UT is not an Android ROM, we cannot really support most of the features of TWRP which are designed around Android, rather than alternate systems. This is why the recovery is stripped down.

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