Linux in Dex - Samsung+Ubuntu ...

  • Linux in Dex

    not sure what I should thing about that - Ubuntu ditches UT and teaming up with Samsung for a closed source proprietary convergence experience? Or do I get something wrong ...

  • @elastic It's the matter of money and the market dominance. Back in 2013 not many vendors were interested in UT, I guess, hence Canonical abandoned the project ( premature move, I'd say) now it seems Samsung will dominate Convergence devices market.

  • I think you're all reading this wrong.

    It is just straight basic traditional Ubuntu 16.04 chroot on ARM. There is no real convergence. In order to use the Ubuntu part, you must connect to an external display. It's not usable on the internal screen, and the apps do not scale to different form factors properly, nor handle different input devices properly.

    This is nothing more than has been possible for many years already on Android by installing Ubuntu in a chroot and using it with an external display and input devices.

  • This is closer to "Ubuntu for Android" than Ubuntu Touch. U for A was demoed at shows, then abandoned before UT was even started.

    It is less ambitious, but might prove to Samsung whether there's an untapped market of sufficient size to be exploited.

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