Please port ubuntu touch to galaxy note 3 exynos (ha3g)

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 continues on from the success of the Galaxy Note 2. Sporting a 5.7" Super AMOLED 1080p display, the Galaxy Note 3 is powered by a 2.10 GHz Exynos Octa 5420 , with 3GB of RAM. Storage comes in at 32GB or 64GB, which can also be expanded with a 64GB microSd card. The camera is an impressive 13MP and is capable of capturing 4K video. The Galaxy Note 3 retains the S Pen stylus, and is the first smartphone to include support for USB 3.0. All this is powered by a 3200mAh battery.

    plz port ubuntu touch to galaxy note 3
    plz my friends.
    Post ubuntu to

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    We are currently not porting to new devices. As you have probably heard, Canonical announced the end of their support of Ubuntu Touch in two months and UBports is taking over the whole project, so all our devs are currently working on taking over or replacing all of Canonicals infrastructure to ensure the a seamless transition. We also had a request to port to the Google Pixel, here's what I replied there (most of it also applies for the Note 3, i think):

    @NeoTheThird said in Hello! Given that Verizon hates me.... Port to Google Pixel?:

    We have some requirements for new devices. These are not exclusive, so not all must apply, but they help us in making a decision:

    • Availability (check)
    • Powerful hardware (definitely check)
    • LTE in the USA and the rest of the world (check)
    • 64bit chip-set (check)
    • Fairly recent kernel (not sure, but I suppose)
    • Big user-base with an interest in free software (more or less)
    • HDMI over USB-C for easy convergence (nope)
    • Not too hefty price tag (nope)

    As I said, due to our limited resources and the huge amount of work of maintaining and developing Ubuntu Touch, we won't be porting to it right now, but it might happen at some point.

    But maybe someone in the community would like to take this on, maybe even you? I need to remind you that this will be a lot of work, but it could be a rewarding experience and would be (i am sure) greatly appreciated in the community!

    So it won't happen now, but we might consider your device in the future.

  • @NeoTheThird
    It is possible to work with my friends at xda?
    If a team like lineage there was.
    They android for all port.
    I do not like to be forgotten ubuntu touch.

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    Sure, you can work with whoever you like. The documentation on porting is a little outdated (we're still recovering from the shock of canonical dropping support), but here you go: