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  • Is Anbox needed on Ubuntu Touch or does it hinder free software? And... what is 'dogfooding' anyway?

    Find out more in this #Audiocast while #community members Wayne and Joe discuss #Anbox - the controversial and exciting upcoming #UbuntuTouch feature and 'dogfooding' (what it means and why it matters) and more...


  • I do also believe Anbox is a good thing because I have a couple of Android apps I need, like the bank app and the local transportation app. But I also think it will never be harmful for the development of the Ubuntu Touch ecosystem; in fact, the experience in Anbox will never be as smooth as for the native apps because I don't think the developers will never completely get rid of the latency you get when you run an Android app.
    For what concerns the desktop OS, I discovered Ubuntu 10 years ago and since then I never needed to go back to Windows; I never had the dual boot nor the Wine facility. The argument normally people oppose against passing to a true Linux system is that they don't have certain programs which I find only an excuse; usually is the average end user to say that, the one who uses the desktop PC maximum only to browse the internet and to listen to the music...I always found that argument odd.

  • In my opinion the best solution would be to make anbox preinstalled on all devices but without the basic android apps like contacts, camera and so on. Only with a minimalistic GUI way to install .apk file. Then publish fdroid.apk whatsapp.apk and maybe amazonappstore.apk in the openstore as a simple oneclick download with a warning that android apps might be buggy and slow. So everyone can use whatsapp or other android apps but no one will be disappointed.

    Looks like anbox is working but veeeeeeery slow and hard to use because there is no back button. 😂 So native apps will still be first class apps and could always replace them. Thats good for our own ecosystem.

  • It is highly unlikely that we would be able to redistribute those apps, @Krille. A good idea, but probably a legal headache. 🙂

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