sepolicy conflicts

  • Hi, i am trying to port UT to the ZUK Z1.
    One major problem i am facing is that there are a lot of errors because of the *.te files in some sepolicy folders.
    But before digging into all this selinux stuff i want the phone to boot.
    As a first approach, is it safe to just delete all of these policies (all sepolicy folders) or will this stop my port from booting?

  • Instead of deleting all *.se policy files, just set selinux=permissive in kernel cmdline. And thats not it. You will have to port AppArmor also if your kernel is not backported right now. For that set apparmor=0 too in cmdline. Goodluck!

  • Thanks for your fast answer 🙂
    Setting selinux=permissive in kernel cmdline will not stop the checks at compile time from failing, so i deleted the folders and the errors were gone.
    Sadly the boot got stuck on the vendor logo and the phone didnt even show up in lsusb....
    And now my question is, why is it not booting? I want to be sure, that this selinux stuff is not needed for the boot, thats why i am asking here 😛

  • Yes setting selinux to permissive will disable selinux check on boot. But first make sure your kernel config is right. Try to boot recovery first. SELinux is least of your worries right now. Android's boot.img and ubuntu's boot.img are earths apart from each other. Make sure your dtb's are in place.

  • I had recovery booting without errors, but ubuntu just stopped on the vendor logo as already said.
    After hours of trial and error i got frustraded and deleted everything.
    Am im now giving it a second try 😉

  • Hahaha.....seems like you are on same error as mine. Even i have recovery working properly but when booting normally it gets stuck at vendor logo. Check which initrd version are u using and then see if ubuntu rootfs version is same as initrd version. I think the issue is somewhere in initrd as stressed by ubuntu porting guide. Also get last_kmsg. That will help alot us in figuring out the problem. 🙂

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