My Solution for Moving WhatsApp Chats from Android to Anbox

  • I just flashed my Nexus5 to UT and of course ran into some problems. One of which was how to make a newly anbox installed Whatsapp (WA) import my msgstore.db.crypt12 .
    The way recommended by WA doesnt work, as reinstalling WA erases the complete app directory structure.
    Another problem for a behind the curtain android noob like me is: Where to put it. The key to the solution is: The folder to put it in doesn't exist yet after a fresh install.

    Thus the tl;dr:

    • Install WA
    • Start WA
    • Backup Messages in WA
    • Close WA
    • Delete the msgstore.db* files in /home/phablet/anbox-data/data/data/com.whatsapp/databases
    • Delete the msgstore.db* files in /home/phablet/anbox-data/media/0/WhatsApp/Database
    • Copy your old msgstore.db* files to /home/phablet/anbox-data/media/0/WhatsApp/Database
    • Set user and group like the directory itself and mode to 664
    • Start WA and now it will ask if you want to import your old chats. Do so. And hopefully you will be able to go on as you're used to.

    Other media should work the same, but I wasn't in that so far, therefore I didn't try it yet.

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