minimalistic phone

  • i have a weird question.
    i know its sounds weird.
    But is there a way to start basic commands
    such as "calling" from the terminal ?
    Wich effort would it be... to run a smartphone with ubportBuntu only in CLI-Terminal mode with the terminal-app....
    ( energy-saving , terminal-feeling )

  • @mike Hmm good question, probably is possible. The only thing is, you will end up with a lot of slow typing on the on-screen keyboard. I personally make many mistakes with that, I have too big fingers xD so I could imagine its not very comfortable. But look at the screenshot here: - Its possible to enable framebuffer console and to not start the display manager, so then you would end up in a console I think. Still somehow you need a keyboard overlay.... then it would mean again to run the whole display stack again. Hard to make an OSK without that...

  • @Flohack
    my theory was to use the usb-port with ssh. there are some guides on the ubuntu pages out there.
    i only think about the task because in the old Li(U)nix-world the terminal can be used to start commands.
    So i must not search for 100 app-icons on the windows-screen ๐Ÿ˜‰
    It is helpfull if i run a older pc with a newer debian version. i must not start all Software with the old GPU of
    (as example- Raspberry A ) or the old monochrome-display, i can start the same software from Terminal in Terminal and its runs without the ram-eating GUI-Playground. So i would be able to run older Hardware.
    My theory was, that diffrent mobile-phones have diffrent grafic-processores. If i run sofware primary over a terminal-wide-Display without gui, i dont need put so much coding-workload in the tuning of the different grafic-chips, driver etc.
    But this is for me know grey theory. I wait for my new (old) nexus 5. Than i change my aquarius 5 HD in develober mode and lets play ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @mike Yeah sure you can turn it into a raspberry-like experience, but whats the advantage then. Basically Ubuntu Touch has a potential for older hardware, except that currently the GUI stack is bloated, it was nev3er optimized (developer playground :)) -


  • @Flohack
    that is true. the raspberry-people have a great success with a simple device with a lot of connection-points and oportunitites.
    my wish is only to start my applications without to much graphic-stuff from terminal.
    in my mind are an idea of a piรงture of a phone wich supports a full linuxbash with apt-get and the christmas-tree.
    its as you said .thats not so easy..... so i think its belongs in my dreamland, was only a idea sorry for interruption ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @mike said in minimalistic phone:

    But is there a way to start basic commands
    such as "calling" from the terminal ?

    I don't have the device in front of me now, but I think ofono comes with some example scripts installed that allow some command line control of gsm functions. Try dpkg --listfiles ofono or something like this. Let me know if this helps, otherwise I take a closer look and try to give a clearer answer.

  • @doniks
    wow thats awesome! good startingpoint for me. i try it.

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