Enhancement: Support for SuruDark theme

  • Hi there!
    This thread will be about an OS enhancement to fit the UI and (core) apps for the Theme palette's SuruDark theme. I tested it some time ago and I really like the 'inverted version' of the default Ambiance theme. But most of the apps, such as Filemanager or the webbrowser have static color definitions so e.g. you can't read some fonts. We could get rid of it by changing these static colors to the current Theme palette's colors for the core apps. Do you think this is a good idea? If yes we could create new braches for the core apps where we could change this. In my opinion this would make UT more attractive due to its customizability.

  • @nfsprodriver I can't speak for the webbrowser-app, but I recall that many dirty things have been done in filemanager-app, especially with the color palette. To be honest, filemanager-app needs to be re-written almost from scratch, since there are many strange things in the code.

    Just a call to action: if there's someone in the community who would like to address its issues, I guess that any help would be very appreciated from the UBports' guys 🙂

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