meizu pro 5 legacy status

  • Hello everyone!
    I wanted to clarify the 'legacy' status of Meizu Pro 5. In some earlier posts I've seen some plans to keep Pro 5 as one of core devices, but now I've found it in legacy devices. Is this permanent? If so - what was the motivation behind this decision?
    Thanks for your replies!

  • Hi,

    we did not decide about this, so all commercial devices and a few other ports are now in Legacy, but this is still a temporary list. So fear not, chances are high to move on with the Pro 5 🙂


  • @Flohack This is good to hear, I have had mine (32g) since they came out,quick charging,long battery life, good camera,slick good looking phone,good availability,for a nice phone to convert to ubports,I use mine in Tennessee USA,still a fast device on 3g.
    Keep up the good work guys

  • @Marathon2422 Try h20 wireless they give u 4g connection

  • @speedracer08861 Thanks, I was on straight talk, but have a company phone, and therefore don't need a service right now.

  • Hi there,

    does someone have some new information about the future status of the Meizu Pro 5?

    Best Regards

  • @tH3f0rC3 Well, I tried to get that information as well, but there is no official reply. All they say is that there is no OpenSource Android device tree for Pro 5, even when Meizu released kernel on Github and there is a complete Android device tree source on Github on which is Resurection Remix based on( Android 7.1) and freely available kernel + whole firmware, NO ONE, again NO ONE can confirm or once for good deny any further Pro 5 development or/and upgrade to XENIAL.
    Just seems strange that in this Ubports community/forum is such a lack of communication and information
    Please Ubports, just GIVE US AN OFFICIAL REPLY.

  • @Stefano, chill down. We're all waiting, but let them take time and evaluate it properly. Currently what I've heared that they want an officially supported devices to have official Linage OS available (and, unfortunately, ResurectionRemix is not official, and is probably different in some places from the official). But still, there are many people using Ubuntu on this device, so maybe they will make that exception.

    What i suspect is (none of below is confirmed information, it's how I understand things):
    It won't be evaluated now, as what they are trying to do is to make Halium and Xenial work for one example device (Nexus 5). Then they will expand it to the core devices that are currently declared to get Xenial (devices they worked with before Ubuntu Touch was dropped by Canonical + M10, as it's the only tablet in lineup) and know them well, have build trees based on Lineage OS ready. For Pro5 they'll have probably to port a device from scratch, as what's left by Canonical is not sufficient to make Xenial work.

    I also would really like to now if my Pro 5 gets Xenial or not. But let's give them time, there are many things of higher priority to be sorted out.

    However, I would be grateful too if someone from the team clarified corrected the view of the situation I guessed above. Keep up the good work, we are waiting 🙂

  • @Mitu Thanks you pretty much nailed it. Xenial image give u headaches, its booting somehow but no Apps can be started. We might need to spend 90% of manpower there, so until we have one of "our" ports upgraded (N5, FP2 etc.) we probably have not much time to work on the "official" devices. Plus not having a device tree will make thing more complicated. But we will eventually bug BQ and Meizu with more force to release it to us, maybe they can be convinced 🙂

  • @Flohack That's the way to do it! I like the fighting spirit! Thanks.

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