• Il serait bien de savoir à quoi correspond les mise à jour, en France notre fournisseur internet "FREE" nous propose des mise à jour et nous dis les changement apportés.😉
    Comment ça, on peut apporter nos contribution en disant si on voit une différence ou un problème de cette dernière mise à jour.jour.

    It would be nice to know what is the update, our internet provider in France "FREE" offers us updated and we say the change apportés.😉
    How can we make our contribution by saying if we see a difference or a problem of this last

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    If i interpret this correctly, you're asking about ways of reporting issues and proposing enhancements? That's handled on GitHub. Please read our guide on writing a good bug report before posting. 🙂

    Non ce n'est pas cela, mais juste nous dire les changements qu'apporte la mise à jour pour justement montrer le travail que vous avez entrepris, je ne sais pas si je suis clair dans mes propos peut être que je m'explique Mal 🤓

    No, that's not it, but just tell us the changes that the update brings to show the work you have done, I do not know if I am clear in my remarks maybe I can explain myself Bad

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    Oh ok, so you are asking for changelogs. I took the freedom to change the title to be a little more descriptive, i hope you don't mind.

    We don't have a system in place to display changelogs on the updater like canonical did. The easiest way to track the development progress is keeping an eye on the GitHub issues and the project management board. There are also milestones there, so you can see what will be fixed when. For example, here's the milestone for yesterdays first stable release OTA 1.

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