As a n00b here, how do I not be a dick?

  • I'm less than a month old in Ubuntu Touch years. I'm not a developer at all, but I do like to contribute to the debugging and improvement side of things. e.g. I have had a lot of small failures already with apps on a Nexus 5 running Ubuntu Touch and don't know where to go to write up my issue(s); where's the right GitHub/GitLab?

    I have a Nexus 7 Gen II LTE that I may have bricked trying to put KDE Mobile deb onto it before being pointed towards to UBports. Where can I get some info on fixing the problems I probably created?

    Does the forum have some rules of the road about posting? Like I'm in the Purism forum waiting for the delivery of a Librem 5, and they have a lot of good rules for how to behave in their forum to keep things organized and useful for searching into old content.

  • Welcome!

    We have only some rules here: try not to offtopic, be respectful and use a family friendly language 😉

    About on how to post issues it depends on where are they (at the beginning is quite confusing to know which part is responsible, so ask :)) some guidelines though:

    I think you have some info there to start digging in 🙂

  • @CiberSheep THANK YOU!!! That was such a great answer. 🙂

  • I just discovered the UBports app on the phone. I'm not sure why I never thought to run it first. Too eager to find things I want in the OpenStore to notice what is preinstalled that I want.

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