Ubuntu Touch On Alternativeto.net

  • Do you think Ubuntu Touch is the best alternative to Android or iOS? Well, right now the internet thinks that it's third place against both iOS and Android...

    To help put UT in first position, go to www.alternativeto.net and suggest UT as an alternative to both (if you have not already done so).

    Why? When people search 'alternative to android' or 'alternative to iOS' in a search engine, we want them to find Ubuntu Touch and our project. Most search results are pointing people to the Alternativeto.net website.

    Here are the four (4) simple tasks.

    1. Make account, or login with Github account, and go to our page and click the 'like' button (if you like it)

    2. On this page, give UT a quick and honest review

    3. Go to the Android page and suggest UBports Ubuntu Touch (NOT the dead Canonical one!) as an alternative to Android.

    4. Go to the iOS page and suggest UBports as alternativeto iOS

    Thanks for your help! We appreciate it!

    #UBports #UbuntuTouch #Ubuntu

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