Want To Develop UT And Need A Device

  • Hi I would like to get one, im not much of a developer, I love Linux and want to be more involved in it, I could do some bug testing for your company

  • I program in Brazil since 2008 and it would be epic to have a device from the company that accompanied me throughout my career on the desktop

  • Hi, im Polish computer science student, im work on ubuntu on my pc and i have same knowlegde about programming, so i think i can help to develop Ubuntu touch. I now lerning Python but im ambitious and i love work on any linux distribution like Fedora or Mint.

  • I really want to dev UT, I have a N5 and N7 but both of them are broken, so I need a device to start development:(

  • Hi, I'm a seasoned bug hunter constantly partaking in HackerOne. I would love a device to use for Ubuntu Touch bug hunting as well as potential development.

  • @UBportsNews interested to be in mobile development, good at PWA, nodejs developer. Can take challenge in developing something and contribute to Ubuntu, if there is one device please throw else do let me know how can I contribute without that.

  • @UBportsNews Hi I'm from Italy I want to develop some apps or some porting and of course ubuntu touch. I already did a port of a few windows games to android and now I'm developing a new app I can't reveal what I am developing but is a revolutionary app that work on Android wear. I know python, I know some Java and c++I use Linux every day for everything and I want to be Useful in the Ubuntu touch community

  • @UBportsNews I am a full stack developer and i use linux to develop, i would like to perform my skills and help developing ubuntu touch. Thanks

  • @UBportsNews I would like to contribute, though don't put me high on the list because I'm a complete beginner to software but want to learn and this could be fun 😊

  • @UBportsNews I have already contributed here and there but have done only little things. I'm studyng how to develop on UT but I'm only an hobbyist so I'm not a so good investment...
    But, I found that there are at least two other italian UT users near me (less than 30km, and they are very active in the Italian UBports telegram group) and I'm already thinking of share with them my rpi4 to help each other in the develop and test process. Also in Mezzago (a town 7km from my home) there is a little but lively linux community that could be interested in the UT and its app development.
    Last but not the least I directly know and I'm friend with many guys from informatics engineering (from the university Politecnico di Milano) with which I collaborate in the Openstreetmap project and wikimedia foundation and that could be interested in software development on more exotic platform like UT

  • Hi to all.

    @UBportsNews I'm writing a tool in bash for Ubports to use a phone via internet, to reset it, take a screenshot, take gps position, erase personal data and others features.
    For now, i've got an OPO and one E5, but the last, not work so good, and the second, has a lots of bug.
    So, can i have a device to continue ?

    Thank you so much.

    Sorry, my english is not so good, i live near Rome (100 km).

  • Hi, I'm a nuclear physics student. I'm working on a portable solution for simulation and analysis softwares like Root and Geant4, Atlas software and cern frameworks using C, python and several visualizer like qt, heprep, opengl and raytracing. The idea is having all instruments on the smartphone and in case of necessity plug in mouse, keyboard, sensors with Arduino, a 360° scientific instrument in your pocket. I'm using userLand with Ubuntu 18.04 and a desktop environment on my personal smartphone but it's really slow and it crashes very often because of the VNC. It is even quite awkward because of the trackpad simulation with the touchscreen and the dimension of the desktop. So I would appreciate a smartphone compatible with Ubuntu touch for my project. Thanks

  • Hi,

    Software developer with interest in mobile app development.

    Interested in either development or bug correction, as a hobby.
    Mobile certification with SAP mobile development and with UI in action script.

    https://github.com/g-amador/Awesome-CV (see certifications)

  • Hi, I really would like to help. I can search for bugs and also help writing code. I have a lot of exeprience with develpoment. I will be very happy working with you.

  • @UBportsNews I am interested in flashing ubuntu ports and love to do development specially web apps using cross platform ionic framework, I use ubuntu as a native OS on my laptop and desktop , so love to use UB port on a test device and love to do develop apps for it, also would like to see if someday we able to sync it across all devices and even add IOT compatibility to these devices.

  • Hi. Please give one to me. I've always wanted to help you but for some reason I did not. I'm sure such an old underpowered phone will magically reveal the fabulous contributor that has always been inside of me.

    Oh and I have been in Italy.

  • @UBportsNews I would like to help test your device but not enough knowledge in development side.

  • I would love the opportunity to test a device. I come from a software engineering background and am fully committed to open source. The only thing that's not open source that I use is my phone. I work with Linux in the server and desktop environment and use only Linux at home

    Please give me the opportunity to test and to help develop your product



  • I want to help you to develop Ubuntu Touch and need a device. I have been an Ubuntu Linux user for many years. I really like computer science, computers. I can help you by trying Ubuntu Touch in my native language: Spanish. Thank you.

  • I'm a c++, nodejs , Python software developer located in the Netherlands that would like to contribute to UBPorts. I would love to create useful apps for this platform.

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