Want To Develop UT And Need A Device

  • Hi. Please give one to me. I've always wanted to help you but for some reason I did not. I'm sure such an old underpowered phone will magically reveal the fabulous contributor that has always been inside of me.

    Oh and I have been in Italy.

  • @UBportsNews I would like to help test your device but not enough knowledge in development side.

  • I would love the opportunity to test a device. I come from a software engineering background and am fully committed to open source. The only thing that's not open source that I use is my phone. I work with Linux in the server and desktop environment and use only Linux at home

    Please give me the opportunity to test and to help develop your product



  • I want to help you to develop Ubuntu Touch and need a device. I have been an Ubuntu Linux user for many years. I really like computer science, computers. I can help you by trying Ubuntu Touch in my native language: Spanish. Thank you.

  • I'm a c++, nodejs , Python software developer located in the Netherlands that would like to contribute to UBPorts. I would love to create useful apps for this platform.

  • @UBportsNews

    Sounds great. I'll be doing some free mobile apps, I'd be really happy to put them on any UBports devices. I can do testing as well, some experience in that field.

  • I am interested, I am exploring the possibility of supporting UBports QA and Automated Testing activities.

  • Please accept my candidacy for the Ubuntu phone. I have been on Linux since floppy images were DL'd from Compuserve for SLS and Slackware.
    I'm running the full build stack for Halium, right now, with efforts at a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge port in the works. I'm also running a community build candidate for e.foundation to support US versions of this device.
    As an infosec pro, I'm especially interested in contributing and testing to network privacy aspects of a U-phone port, including TOR configurations and secure alternatives to iCloud or G-drive, such as user-configurable WebDAV for NextCloud backend, etc.

  • Hi, I'm interessed. My current phones are boring. I'll want test a new OS. I don't have a big experience with Ubuntu but I think that is good time to begin.

  • Hello, my name is Antonio, I'm Brazilian and junior programmer. I work with linux for 4 years and currently study programming. I'd like to have the opportunity to help develop Ubuntu Phone.

  • Hello UBports, I will be very happy to be able to receive one of this device so I can now start developing for UbuntuTouch! Today I use Ubuntu on my notebook and I have a LG that runs Android, but it is very complicated to develop for an UbuntuTouch version without having one in hand, one of these devices will surely help me a lot! Thank you very much!

  • @UBportsNews Dear Ubuntu Touch Developers,
    I have Xiaomi mi8 as a daily driver. I tried many terminal emulators but some od them need to have root. I just want to ps aux | grep firefox and simply kill firefox PID. Many terminal commands doesnt work under Android and to be honest I would like to make my life Google-Free for privacy. I have some knowledge about programming in C and C++ as well as Python, the only thing I want to develop in case od porting Ubuntu Touch to Xiaomi devices is QML. A reference phone would be an amazing Santa Claus gift as I love Linux since I was 15 (now 23).
    Best wishes,
    Peter from Poland

  • Hi,
    I would love to try porting UBTouch to new devices
    as i am a college student this way i could cherish my skills aswell as contribute to the Community...

  • Hi guys.

    I'm a Java/Android developer, Ubuntu user. I would be glad to help with testing and/or developing.
    I would really like to receive one of the devices you are sending out, switching from Android to Ubuntu Touch.
    Thanks a lot and a big "good luck" for your project.

  • Hi, I'm a hobbyist, I built a simple keyboard for arduino, 36 or 57 programmable buttons are available. The housing was printed in fdm technology on a 3D printer. A good idea was to add support for Ubuntu Touch https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3628499

  • Hi, if you have any device left I could do a give away during a linux meetup in montreal for publicity if you are interested.

  • Hi, I'm interessed. My current phones are boring. I'll want test a new OS. I don't have a big experience with Ubuntu but I think that is good time to begin. And share with my friend, i'm chilean

  • @UBportsNews Hi, I'm interessed. My current phones are boring. I'll want test a new OS. I don't have a big experience with Ubuntu but I think that is good time to begin and learn more, but, Will there be any problems if I'm from Chile? I wanna a phone with Ubuntu :c

  • We would like to thank everyone for their interest and enthusiasm in responding to our call out for developers and answering this thread. We will in due course be contacting all those who will be receiving a device directly. I will now close this thread. Which only leaves me to once again thank you all for your interest in this exciting project.

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