Article: "Google wants Android to use regular Linux kernel, potentially improving updates and security"

  • From the article:

    The idea proposed by Google engineers is to build an interface in the Linux kernel that would allow proprietary device drivers to run as plug-in modules, so no modifications to the kernel itself are needed. In simple terms, it would bring the modularity of Project Treble to regular Linux.

    Could this be of help to UBports?

  • Wasn't that something the Nvidia developers have been lobbying for a long time as well?
    I am somewhat doubtful that the kernel devs will change their mind on that so easily.

    IMHO, I also think in a way it is good not to allow it, as it gives a strong incentive to open source drivers which is ultimalty the much better solution than offering some driver api. Edit: detailed explanation

  • For those interested, more info can be found on and Ars Technica.

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