Call for testing: Correct dual-SIM data switching

  • That's two calls for testing in seven days!

    Today it's a patch to fix switching of the "Data" SIM under Ubuntu Touch. For a long time, in order to switch your data SIM, you've had to go into Cellular Settings, set one SIM to 4G mode, and the other to 2G. Well, here's a patch that does it for you!

    Please only test this change on a device running the latest images from the devel channel, and test responsibly! In other words, try it on a spare device or when you know you'll be near a computer you can use for reflashing.

    1. Mount a tmpfs so apt can breathe: sudo mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /var/cache/apt/archives
    2. Install the repository: sudo ubports-qa install xenial_-_legacy-capability-v2
    3. Reboot like you've never rebooted before

    Now whenever you switch one SIM to 3G or 4G mode, the other should automatically switch as well.

    I'd like to know how this patch works on the following devices:

    • Bq E4.5
    • Bq E5
    • Meizu Pro 5

    You can also try it out on the Fairphone 2, but I've tested it already and it works well.

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