Computer Science

  • So to make a long story short, I never went to school for comp sci. I had interests in other things and by the time I knew I wanted to study computing and software development, I didn't have enough time to go back and complete all the coursework. Today I am in grad school for a Master of Science in Information Science. Everyone says it is "computer science lite" but I am okay with this for now as it is the only program I could find that was close to comp sci without needing a background in comp sci. The classes aren't difficult and I'm focusing on information security courses but I still don't feel fulfilled.

    in the introduction thread I mentioned I am looking for a mentor, and I really mean it. If you have any books or any online courses or resources that you think would be helpful, please share. I'd love to crack down and start learning so I can better help this community and this project.

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