Call for testing: ofono patch for Samsung

  • Hi there!

    There is the following branch ready to be tested with ubports-qa: xenial_-_add-samsung-quirks
    I need testers to confirm that:

    a) this patch does not change anything on Non-Samsung devices
    b) this patch improves Samsung devices

    You will need a SIM card for this which is able to make calls. I do not give specific instructions here for how to install qa branches, as otherwise unexperienced testers might break smth 😛


    1. Mount a tmpfs so apt can breathe:
    sudo mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /var/cache/apt/archives
    1. Install the repository:
    sudo ubports-qa install xenial_-_add-samsung-quirks
    1. Reboot your phone.

    Test cases

    • Enter PIN, get network operator indication and signal strength
    • Have data connection
    • Get an inbound call answered
    • Make an outbound call
    • Hang-up an inbound or outbound call

    How to enable the Samsung mode?
    You need to set ril.device=samsung_msm_822x in your device property file.

    I hope I can get some wider results. To me it looks already working very well.

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