Call for testing: Google/Huawei Nexus 6P (angler) owners

  • @Flohack I'm curious to try it, Anbox, so please do when you get a chance. I had a similar issue with my x86 tablet anbox build, the same fix might work with this one.

  • booting succesfully with arm64 and 8 core , i want to test it ,i like it , Does anyone knows how to configure apt ... when i give apt update and apt upgrade give me some sort of configuration error which wont allow to lock dpkg files etc , with sudo and root acces

  • html antutu benchmark gave 4700 score
    surprisingly testing the wifi net speed gave me more bandwidth than android stock (100mb/s) almost 802.11 gibit

  • @Girlycard777 apt upgrade is not the way to update the system in UT. UT is locked down for security reasons, click packages being the way to install apps. Both apps and the system are updated via system updates in the settings panel

  • my music apps crashes , does anyone knows how to fix it? i tried uninstalling and installing

  • in the future what adreno drivers ye shall be using , i saw that freedreno with libhybris was the target , or you guys will be finnaly using just adaptations of vendor android partition? wayland is compatible?

  • @Girlycard777 The underlying driver for most Android devices will almost always be the original one. There is much too much other stuff thats more important, with a small team you need to be pragmatic: What works works. And it does not matter much what composer we have, be it Wayland or Mir, as long as we have the adaption to the Android API we can use that. That said, the roadmap is not set in stone, but now we need to progress with change to 20.04, Qt upgrade, location and other sensors improvement, making Non-Android phones work etc.
    So not much work planned around the Android low level stuff. Its also changing too fast, there is already Android 10.

  • @Flohack so is there any way to partially enable the hw acceleration even if is broken ? i wanted to test it fully before changing or deleting rom , i mean if only that were enabled i would test it a lot more , ? im searching for a linux phone distro capable of this gpu (adreno 430 ) to be accelerated seems that the freedreno are fully compatible with the soc however it needs to have kms enabled, i dont want to remove ut , i like it

  • another thing... anybody knows where is the link of this particular kernel source , i want to compile some kmodules for it and do some testing

  • @Girlycard777 I am the wrong person to ask, you might want to join the porting Telegram group, there we have a few knowledgeable guys: ask @NotKit 😉

  • Hi there! First of all let me thank @Flohack for the great work with this port and also the many testers! Keep it up!

    Last night I have successfully installed the arm64 image on my N6P with 8-cores. I have to say it looks very nice and fast. I've also tested the camera fix and it works (no video though).

    Count me in for testing 🙂

    One thing I've noticed is that charging seems slower than on android (both with original charger and cable, and while connected to a pc with a usb-datablocker). I have an usb-amperimeter for testing if it helps.

  • @lgtrombetta Great welcome to the club! Hmm regarding charging I am afraid we cannot do much at the moment, we basically start the Android service as they are and have only a limited interface to communicate with them. There can be reasons for that also externally, like you replaced the battery and it cannot be fast-charged.

  • Can someone please test 4G/LTE speed? I got the impression its 3G only, even if it show higher speeds. Is it only me? Thx!

  • @Flohack 21 ms ping, 17.96 MBPS down

  • @Flohack indeed I replaced the battery quite a while ago. However, my comparison was to just a day ago when I still had android on the device. In any case, it might just be my bias since I am now staring at the phone all the time :P.

    Regarding LTE, is giving me very different results in various tries. I got most consistently around 10-20 Mbps average download speed. On a few attempts however I got as much as ~40 Mbps (does it make sense?) or as low as 1-3 Mbps.

  • @Flohack I'm trying to hack my way into the device to figure out how to get an audio stream for the calls. Could you point me in the right direction with how telephony and audio work?

    It seems that the phone uses ofono for calls and pulseaudio for audio, but getting them to play together hasn't been at all fruitful.

  • @Flohack Wildly varying speeds as high as 16mb/s. long ping latency 48-162ms !

    Avg of 1.5mb/sec

    Same service on android phone next to it - solid 20-30Mb/s

  • @user Hmm its very complicated, I cannot really tell you how it works, only a few people really understand it, and it involves a whole stack of tools, mostly pulseaudio and a bunch of modules, ofonod, telepathy-ofono as a kind of mediator and hell whatelse. If it would be just a few config values, it would already work ^^

    On the Android side it might involve mixer_paths.xml having wrong data, then we needed to install audioflingerglue which emulates the missing audioflinger, etc. Best is you ask in Porting group @NotKit, @peat_psuwit or @fredldotme 🙂 - Thats the only ppl who can answer your questions.

  • Ok LTE seems somehow at least fine. Maybe is just my provider...

    Another story, can you please check dmesg if you get smth like this every few seconds:

    Jul 9 22:42:09 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [ 133.075048] media-hub-serve[9906]: unhandled level 2 translation fault (11) at 0x00000000, esr 0x83000006
    Jul 9 22:42:09 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [ 133.075056] pgd = ffffffc04d8a5000
    Jul 9 22:42:09 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [ 133.075066] [00000000] *pgd=000000008a896003, *pmd=0000000000000000
    Jul 9 22:42:09 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [ 133.075076]
    Jul 9 22:42:09 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [ 133.075083] CPU: 4 PID: 9906 Comm: media-hub-serve Not tainted 3.10.73-gbd9d34e #5
    Jul 9 22:42:09 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [ 133.075088] task: ffffffc0a5aa4080 ti: ffffffc0485b0000 task.ti: ffffffc0485b0000
    Jul 9 22:42:09 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [ 133.075093] PC is at 0x0
    Jul 9 22:42:09 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [ 133.075097] LR is at 0x5eb83c

    I have a really bad situation with the media-hub here, that will block at least music playback, and idk how I made this possible...

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