FUSE support (File System in User Space) support?

  • There is any hope to see FUSE support in future OTAs? In OTA 1 there is no such support as far as I have tested. This is an issue when dealing for example with AppImage apps; they could be a good way to use programs on ubuntu touch without containers until better solutions are implemented, but without FUSE support they can't work. The only drawback will be just a little increasing of the image size, but we can have many more advantages with it installed.

  • It sure looks like the kernel has FUSE support, so if you're feeling adventerous (and you have CLI chops) you could install the Ubuntu package.

    Oh, never mind, I couldn't resist. I just installed sshfs and mounted my remote home from my server just fine. So it's definitely there and ready for your use if you don't mind inflicting apt on your device.

  • I know I could just install some package, in fact my request is to make these little packages already installled by default in future OTAs.

  • Please file an enhancement ticket to ubports-touch project. If it makes sense we can add them rather easily to the overlay ppa.


  • The issue has been filed, link for reference:

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