Old Ubuntu touch files Nexus 7 Grouper WiFi

  • Hello,

    First, i know the 2012 Nexus 7 grouper wifi is not supported since 2014. But i want Ubuntu touch on it because it is gathering dust in a drawer.

    I thought that someone maybe has al the installation files on a old harddrive or usb stick.

    So maybe someone can help because i can't find it on the internet !

  • @Kielligzind2 It's very unlikely that someone will port it. It's Nvidia Tegra3 chipset= very problematic AFAIK and RAM is only 1GB, which is not enough. Trust me, I have one of those, and even on Android is laggy and slow. Nexus 7 2013 sec.gen. is better, as it has better chipset and 2GB RAM, and is running Android just fine. UT on it is O.K., but also the performance is not stellar. Again, we're talking about 7 years old model here, so ...

  • @Stefano i know that it is slow, it was running slow sice Android 4.4.
    But i was just wondering if someone on the forums has the files from 2013 just to try it, even if it is slow

  • @Kielligzind2 I tried several os and Roms for grouper - only one running smooth enough is the latest available inofficial lineage ROM (more than one year old) - if you want to try luneos there is an old one available but many things are not working as the support for grouper has been abandoned two versions ago...
    I'm afraid there won't be any new Roms or OS versions for grouper - it's a pitty because from the hardware side mine is just fine...

  • I ran UT on grouper way back in the day. It performed acceptably, until the switch was made away from surfaceflinger for the display manager. Then it became really crashy. Not long after that it was abandoned as a target platform.

    Based on that I imagine that even if you could find any old images, the device would not be very useful running that. For one, you wouldn't be able to find any other software to install on it. Lots of applications in the OpenStore would not even run on that version of the OS since it would contain old, or even have missing libraries.

  • @Kielligzind2 yes you can, someone said about slow and low RAM. But if you have a tweak kernel exactly. Nexus 7 2012 wifi will work out of the box, and I knew the tweak of kernel