Meizu MX4, why it can't be installed?

  • Hi folks,

    Some time ago I read about it and I couldn't believe what I was reading, Ubuntu touch couldn't be installed in a normal Meizu MX4. The problem it is relationed, as it seems, to a lock or a different partition of the memory. By the way, to solve it, I decided to write an e-mail to Meizu, so that they could give me an answer to this, however they've told me that it isn't possible.

    Thus, here comes my question: Is it possible to make a "mini-port" taking the adventage of the official port of Canonical changing that partition type? This is, the components are the same ones; the same pocessor, the same camera,.... indeed the same hardware! I don't know a lot about ports, but I think it could be an easy job, so I ask to this project (UBPorts) to do it.

    To my mind is unfair what it is going on with this terminal and the response of Meizu.

    Thanks a lot for the work done and I hope you could carry on with this terminal port.

    Pd: Sorry for my spelling mistakes. (I'm spannish...)

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