Need help setting up wireless (MEDIATEK)

  • At the present state, I've managed to compile system.img and halium-boot.img for my phone, Redmi Note 2 (Hermes). With the files, I was able to install and boot into ssh, while it remained stuck at the logo but as it uses mediatek wifi, the process to get it up, is a bit complicated.

    What I've learnt from a little probing; I'm able to echo 1 > /dev/wmtWifi/ but I'm not sure how to echo "sta" and I can't find a wlan.ko but I found some patches for mt6630_*.bin in vendor/etc/firmware, but I can't write into the rootfs, despite turning on the rw mode ( mount -o remount, rw /) and chmod +x. So I'm at a loss here.

    If there's any pro in the house, I could use some help.

  • I am not able to help, but maybe you could add the name of your phone (Redmi Note 2 (Hermes)) in the title instead of (or in addition to) Mediatek? It might catch the eye of a pro quicker.

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