Ubuntu team AMA

  • Is there any chance we could get Ubuntu Touch engineers from Canonical to attend an AMA? There's a ton of mechanism in Touch, and much of the internal design is not well documented. It'd be a great way to give the UBports effort a boost in the right direction if we could pull together a bunch of key questions and have them describe which parts in which packages make the magic happen.

  • That's an excellent question, and it's every day for us. 🙂

    We have some Canonical and ex-Canonical devs helping us out. There are also a few on the Yunit team. They're pretty excited to continue.

  • Well that is great to hear! I'm going to post a couple "deep" questions with a prefix of "Ubuntu AMA:", these will be questions about basic system organization and flow of control. Hope we can start to fill this forum with some answers which will be referred to again and again in the coming years!

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