UT is calling "Home"

  • @herr-b Di you know that also the system-image updater checks for new updates once in a while? And we even send out at which version and which phone model you use, so we can send you a push notification when a new update becomes available. Just saying...

  • Thanks for the clarifications!

    OK, the update check seems to connect to system-image.ubports.com, for me this is the real home.

    The "problem" with the public Wifi you describe seems to be the same I mentioned above as wlan-hotspots with the corresponding link. During the last years I never tried these connections with my android phone with disabled captive portal check. So possibly this does not work or it requires to navigate to a specific website for login.

    The problem with the apps is clear, for that reason I mention only UT is calling "home". To prevent apps from calling trackers I think there is uAdBlock.

  • @herr-b said in UT is calling "Home":

    @dobey according to the European Court of Justice the IP address is personal data.

    And Ubuntu's Privacy Policy is here: https://ubuntu.com/legal/data-privacy

    If you think they are violating your privacy with the NTP server, or the connectivity test page, you are welcome to take it up with their legal department.

  • That's the point, I don't want to read Ubuntu's Privacy Policy, I want to reduce Third Party Services as much as possible or use independent services.

  • I'm no expert on the topic but I don't feel you can consider Cannoical a 'third-party' as this OS is pretty fundamentally connected with them.

  • I am also not a lawyer or expert on this, the FSF page also didn't help me ...
    Reading the posts I suppose that many UT users also use Ubuntu and are not questioning dependencies to Canonical.

  • @herr-b Independent (of whom and what) services and "Free" software this is wormhole territory if you want to dig or investigate that far I fear.

  • In this thread it is easy, NTP and Connectivity Check independent from "Home" ...

  • I repeat my example from above LibreOffice should be independent from SUN/Oracle.

  • If you think there is an issue, and aren't a developer, then simply open an issue in the issue tracker, and let the developers deal with it. Constantly repeating and making nonsense analogies in some attempt to try to force others isn't helping anyone.

    There is no "Home" in this respect, and having NTP and a connectivity check hosted at an Ubuntu sub-domain are not threats to your privacy. If you think they are, then block the connections yourself on your own system and be done with it. Make merge proposals to make it more configurable. Do something other than just sitting here repeating the same tired analogy trying to force us into your point of view.

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