port to Lg Aristo 2 cant install correctly

  • i am desperate for help. i have been porting my device the lg aristo 2 to halium-7.1 for a couple months now. i have all my sources extracted from the device and i have completed making all the images about 3 weeks ago.

    i have read the docs to the point of insanity and i cannot figure out what the problem is. The build is stable and produces no errors. I cant find any thing wrong with the kernel but when i go to install i get nothing from ssh or telnet.

    the kernel source is 3.18 plus upstream to latest caf. i have tried help at telegram and i only get the bot who will check my kmsg`s and says the kernel is fine. but thats all i know.

    im installing as system as root if i use the halium rfs it just installs but no ssh or telnet. if i use the pm-rootfs on install it starts unpacking and says no space left on device. i tried it today with out my phone plugged in and it does that period.

    please help

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