how to uninstall Firefox from Libertine

  • LGE Nexus 4
    OS Ubuntu 16.04 (OTA-12)
    Libertine Container: Xenial Xerius
    xenial-firefox Package version 80.0.1+build1-0ubuntu0.16.04.1

    I've installed Firefox via Libertine but it crashes when loading so I tried to uninstall it but it will not remove. There is a wheel spinning next to firefox

    Install status is removing

    is it possible to manually remove this Container and the Firefox launcher?

  • In Terminal you can try and delete the package via:
    libertine-container-manager remove-package -p firefox

    OR you can try and delete the entire container:
    libertine-container-manager destroy -i xenial
    (if you have named the container something other than the default then substitute that name for xenial above)

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • Banned

    thanks U

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